Introducing Adventures of the Untamed Mainer

Angela Quintal-Snowman is a native Untamed Mainer from Deer Isle. Her parents taught her how to live off the land and appreciate the Maine outdoors.

Angela Quintal-Snowman

Angela Quintal-Snowman

The outdoor adventures her family shared when she was young most likely sparked Angela’s love for adventure.  One snowmobile trip involved sleeping in a frozen cabin in the middle of the Maine woods in snowsuits.  Another involved tenting in the wilderness during peak blackfly season.  Survival skills at their best!

Angela enjoys exploring the many beautiful and unique natural places in Maine, then sharing these experiences with others.  Angela hopes to inspire people to “go outside and play” and create their own adventure-memories.

In 2014 Angela turned her passion for the outdoors into a website, Untamed Mainer.  The site has become a resource for outdoor adventure and recreation opportunities in Maine.  You can follow Angela’s many adventures through her outdoor blog on Bangor Daily News, and watch videos of her various trips on her YouTube channel.

Angela is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Marketing.  She is also writing a series of insider’s guides to adventure trips in the untamed Maine wilderness which are available on her website.

When not out exploring Maine woods and waterways Angela can be found plotting and planning her next trip, or buying another backpack, because you can never have too many.

Angela Quintal-Snowman

About Angela Quintal-Snowman

Angela Quintal-Snowman is an Untamed Mainer from Deer Isle. A Maine native, she grew up in an outdoors family with her dad teaching her how to identify animal tracks and fish, and her mom teaching her campfire cooking and foraging skills.